Everest the Hard Way, Nepal, 02/10 – 24/10, Part 1

Saturday 02/10

I left the UK on my birthday, 02/10/2010, to take on KE Adventure’s Everest the Hard Way trek. Flew Air India from Heathrow T3 via Delhi departed about 2130. Plane was surprisingly empty given the Commonwealth Games were starting the same day. Quite a number of competitors on the flight.

Sunday 03/10

Arrived Delhi at about 0530 BST, 0945 local. The new terminal built to coincide with the games was modern and clean, however their system for those transiting straight through was a joke. They insisted on taking our boarding cards for the connecting flight off us as we entered the transit area only to walk ten yards further on before having to queue in an area too small for the number of passengers to be issued a new card. Lucky had several hours before connection left. Made it on to Kathmandu flight only to be sat on the scorching hot runway for 1.5 hours with no info from the captain or crew.

Once in the air, glimpses of the Himalayas above the clouds soon banished the stress and tiredness. Landed Kathmandu about 1245 BST, 1730 local. Piled on the minibus for transfer to Hotel Shanker. Late afternoon traffic was bumper to bumper so took about 45 minutes to get to hotel.

After arriving at the hotel we had a first group meeting, sorted out trekking permit cards and details for flight the next day. Group consisted of:

Leaders – Rob, Kathy

Punters – Siobhan, Martin, Pete, Kevin, Katie, Sharon, Jon, Ken and me.

The formalities out the way, we went to bed early. Eager for the fun stuff to get underway…

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