La Plagne, Saturday 13/03

Up at 0510 for transfer back to Grenoble. Slept all the way, took about 2.5 hours. Grenoble check-in queueing a complete mess again, place seems unable to organise that amount of people turning up for flights. At least got bags away in reasonable time. Security was seemingly going very well until some stupid Frenchman decided to ask everyone in the queue if they were on one of the next flights, which they obviously were and so a complete bundle to get through ensued. Ridiculous.

Notes: used 170 skis all week even though looking back at last years notes I thought 175s may not have been long enough. Didn’t really have any problems though. Tooks some cereal bars in the case which was good given the weak pound meant food was very expensive.

Crystal seemed to have been skimping on the amounts of food available to hosts for cooking, again possibly due to weak exchange rate.

Given runs were quite hard this year wondered whether how conditions might be earlier in the season.

Home time 😥

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