Borneo, Malaysia, Saturday 03/10

0500 start. Back to airport for flight to Sandakan. There by 0800. Bus waiting to take us straight to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Given an “informational” video to start with. Then a walk through in to the edge of jungle where feeding platforms are installed. The wait was agony for me as I had applied a good bit of DEET to combat the biters, made my skin burn horribly.

We lucky to see  two youngish Orangutans come to feed. Really wonderful to see these beautiful creatures. They had to battle  their way through hoards of macaques though.

Feeding time at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Got back on the coach for a short ride to the Rainforest Discovery Centre.Walk round the trail and on their massive canopy walk, but again the wildlife seemed to evade us.

Rainforest Discovery Centre

Rainforest Discovery Centre #2

Had lunch at a small cafe near by. Lovely food but seriously hot! Finally back on the coach for drive to Nature Lodge on Kinabatangan River near Bilit – everyone slept the journey. Every time I woke up on the way all I could see was mile upon mile of Palm Oil plantations. Absolutely shocking how much virgin rainforset had been destroyed.

Checked in to the lodge, everyone in small chalets right on the river.

The rooms, Kinabatangan Nature Lodge

Dropped cases and jumped straight in to a speed boat on the river. Cruised down the banks in evening light – really nice. Finally saw wildlife in abundance:

  • Macaque (Long tailed)
  • Proboscis Monkey
  • Eagret
  • Crocodile (Freshwater)
  • Rhinoceros Hornbill
  • Pied Hornbill

Dinner and bed where welcome after such a packed day.

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